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Fantastec is an award-winning developer of kids’ educational games. Our Mission & Passion is to boost kids’ happiness and create great value for parents with fun and educational games.

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New Wonder Bunny game Animal Friends has arrived!

Wonder Bunny & Animal Friends is an entertaining and captivating learning game, which introduces your children to beautiful nature and exotic animals. Watch the trailer

Investment and partnership news

Fantastec investment round and new global partnerships - read the press release

Wonder Bunny ABC Race has arrived!

Your favorite bunny friend has started new adventures in the latest game available now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Wonder Bunny ABC Race is an entertaining kids learning game. Start the fun with a trailer which includes the link for Wonder Bunny at the Apple store: Watch the trailer

Polar Heroes updated

New math related test game out now. Test now - click here.

Polar Heroes

Polar Heroes

Polar Heroes is a unique game world that boosts children’s learning with fun adventures. It provides a safe gaming environment where children can develop their skills and learn in a fun way.

Start the fun - click here

Wonder Bunny math race

Wonder Bunny Math Race

Wonder Bunny's adventure in candyland has begun. Race in all new levels and learn math in a funny new way!

Watch the trailer

Wonder Bunny ABC Race

Wonder Bunny ABC Race

Join Wonder Bunny and his cute friends as they explore a fun-filled race for carrots! Wonder Bunny ABC Race is an entertaining and captivating learning game, which introduces your pre-school child to the fundamental concepts behind the alphabet. It’s time for Wonder Bunny ABC Race; Ready, Steady, Go!

Watch the trailer